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Package all slides Package slides Freudenstadt Sep 2011 (zip; 18,4MB)
Michel Balinski Judge: Don't Vote! (pdf)
William S. Zwicker Towards a "Borda count" for judgment aggregation (pdf)
Katherine Baldiga A Failure of Representative Democracy (pdf)
Clemens Puppe Condorcet admissibility (pdf)
Lirong Xia Strategic Sequential Voting in Multi-Issue Domains and Multiple-Election (pptx)
Jérôme Lang Choosing Collectively Optimal Sets of Alternatives Based on the Condorcet Criterion (pdf)
Rosa Camps, Xavier Mora Dealing with the inconsistencies of judgment aggregation and social choice: A general proposal based on Theophrastus principle (pdf)
Klaus Nehring Majority Rule in the Absence of a Majority I (pdf)
Marcus Pivato Majority Rule in the Absence of a Majority II (pdf)
Bernard Monjardet Lattice Theory of Consensus (pdf)
Ulle Endriss Binary Aggregation with Integrity Constraints (pdf)
Ron Holzman Impartial award of a prize
Herve Moulin Impartial ranking of peers (pdf)
Fabrizio Cariani Aggregation, Reasons and Dynamics (pdf)
Franz Dietrich Epistemic democracy with defensible premises (pdf)
Conal Duddy, Ashley Piggins A measure of distance between judgment sets (pdf)
Tobias Lindner Allocating public goods via the Median Rule (pdf)
Elad Dokow Models of Manipulation on Aggregation of Binary Evaluations (pptx)
Philippe Mongin Dichotomous Preferences, Dichotomous Judgments, and Approval Voting (pdf)
Piotr Faliszewski Clone Structures in Elections (pptx)