Epistemics in Games: Two Experimental Studies

  • Datum:

    July 21st, 2015

    (deviating time & place!)

  • Referent:

    Paul J. Healy (Ohio State University)

  • Zeit:

    4:00 pm

  • I will present two experimental studies of epistemics in games. In the first, I elicit players' utilities and beliefs while playing various two-person simultaneous-move games. While the majority of players act rationally given their stated beliefs, there are interesting patterns of irrationality that vary by game. In the second study I elicit beliefs at each node in a centipede game. Different solution concepts make different assumptions about how players updating through the course of an extensive-form game. In the centipede game, however, I find little evidence of any substantial updating from one node to the next.

  • Ort:

    20.14, R 103.2