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Office (Room 330)

Secretary's office open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 9:00 am to 11:45 pm.

Social Choice and Welfare
Social Choice and Welfare

Professor Dr. Puppe is managing editor of Social Choice and Welfare.

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Prof. Dr. Clemens Puppe

Chair of Economoic Theory
Group: Institute of Economics (ECON)
Phone: +49 721 608-43077

E-Mail: clemens puppe∂kit edu

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Welcome to the Chair of Economic Theory

The secretary's office is not occupied from 4th to 25th August 2017. In urgent cases please contact a research assistant.



Search for tutors in VWL I (Microeconomics)

The chair Puppe is searching for tutors for VWL I (Microeconomics) in the upcoming winter semester.

For more information:


Retirement Prof. Tangian

Prof. Tangian will retire soon and will offer classes for the last time this summer term 2017.

Workshop 'Judgment Aggregation meets Argumentation'

Jana Rollmann, Tobias Dittrich and Michael Müller participated at the workshop 'Judgment Aggregation meets Argumentation' on Feb 2nd, 2017. Prof. Dr. Puppe gave a talk about core findings in Judgment Aggregation literature.

Winter School on Inequality and Social Welfare Theory

Jana Rollmann and Tobias Dittrich participated from 09.01.-12.01.2017 at the Winter School on Inequality and Social Welfare Theory, Prof. Dr. Puppe gave a talk about "Resource allocation via the median rule".

Evaluation Economics I: Microeconomics

The student evaluation of a total of 98 lectures during the winter term 2015/16 at the KIT Department of Economics and Management has placed  „Economics I: Microeconomics“ among the top three rated compulsory lectures.

Etienne-Laspeyres-Price for Dr. Veronica Bauer

Dr. Veronica Bauer is awarded the Etienne-Laspeyres-Price in Economics for her dissertation "Single-Peaked Preferences - Extensions, Empirics and Experimental Results". The whole team congratulates Veronica on this award!

Summer School 'Computational Social Choice'

Tobias Dittrich attended the Summer School: 'Computational Social Choice' in San Sebastian from 18.07.-22.07.2016 and presented a poster about his current Working Paper.

Conference on Social Choice and Welfare

Jana Rollmann, Tobias Dittrich and Michael Müller presented their current working papers at the 13th Meeting of the Society for Social Choice and Welfare in Lund. 

Workshop on Computational Social Choice

Three papers by Prof. Puppe and co-authors were presented at the 6th international 'Workshop on Compuational Social Choice' in Toulouse. 

Talk on "Multi-Dimensional Allocation Problems"

Jana Rollmann gave a talk on "Mean vs. Median-Based Voting in Multi-Dimensional Allocation Problems" at the 9th HeiKaMaX on April 12th in Heidelberg.

SEW-Eurodrive-Foundation Graduate Award

Michael Müller received the SEW-Eurodrive-Foundation Graduate Award for his master's thesis "On the Equivalence of Maskin Monotonicity and Strategy-Proofness".



The Single-Peaked Domain Revisited

In November 2015, Professor Puppe held lectures on "The Single-Peaked Domain Revisited" at Paris and Cergy-Pontoise.



Publikation European Economic Review

The article On Discounting and Voting in a Simple Growth Model written by K. Borissov, M. Pakhnin and C. Puppe was published at Journal European Economic Review.

Publication Mathematics and Methodology for Economics

Prof. Wolfgang Eichhorn, the former chair of Economic Theory, has published his textbook "Mathematics and Methodology for Economics. Applications, Problems and Solutions." at Springer Verlag HD, NY.

Publication Axiomatic Models

The article "Axiomatic Models of Rational Behavior and Interpretations" written by Prof. Dr. Fuchs-Seliger was published at Journal Homo Oeconomicus.

Publication Unanimity Overruled

Shortly, the article "Unanimity overruled: Majority voting and the burden of history" written by K. Nehring, M. Pivato and C. Puppe will be published at Journal of Theoretical Politics. An online-version is already available.

Publication Economic Functions

The article "Numerical representability of preferences by economic functions" written by Prof. Dr. Fuchs-Seliger was published at Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications (Volume 424, Issue 2).

Publication Axiomatic Districting

The article "Axiomatic Districting" written by A. Tasnádi and C. Puppe was published at Social Choice & Welfare.

Publication Condorcet Set

The article "The Condorcet Set: Majority Voting over Interconnected Propositions" written by K. Nehring, M. Pivato and C. Puppe was published at Journal of Economic Theory.

Book review: "Mathematical Theory of Democracy"

You will find a book review of Prof. Tangian’s new book "Mathematical Theory of Democracy" here.



Topics in Welfare Economics

In September 2015, Professor Puppe held a course on "Topics in Welfare Economics" at the European University in St. Petersburg.

European University

Choosing how to vote: the mathematics of elections

Professor Puppe held this lecture during his stay at the Centre for Mathematical Social Sience, University of Auckland, New Zealand in Sping 2013.



Interview with Prof. Puppe

An interview with Prof. Puppe from the 25th Feb. 2016 got published at the Russian internet magazine "Bumaga": http://paperpaper.ru/fin-eu-one/

Artikel "Wählen, aber wie?"

Im Karlsruher Transfer ist unter dem Titel "Wählen, aber wie? Eine kleine Reise durch die Geschichte der Social Choice Theorie" ein Artikel von Prof. Puppe erschienen.

Havard Business Manager

Der Artikel "Ans Schenken Denken" erschienen im HBM im Mai 2013 bezieht sich ebenfalls auf die Arbeit "The Currency of Reciprocity" von Sebastian Kube, Michel Maréchal und Clemens Puppe.


Im Unternehmermagazin impulse erschien kürzlich der Artikel "Geschenke und Lob - Wie Sie Mitarbeiter richtig motivieren", der sich auf die Arbeit "The Currency of Reciprocity" von Sebastian Kube, Michel Maréchal und Clemens Puppe bezieht.

Slate Magazine / Havard Business Review

Ein weiterer Artikel über die Feldexperimente am Lehrstuhl von Professor Puppe erschien im Slate Magazine / Harvard Buisness Review. Zum Artikel