Chair of Economic Theory
Michael Müller, M.Sc.

Michael Müller, M.Sc.

  • Institut für Volkswirtschaftslehre (ECON)
    Lehrstuhl für Wirtschaftstheorie

    Gebäude 09.21, 3. OG

    Blücherstraße 17

    D-76185 Karlsruhe

Fields of Research

  • Social Choice Theory
  • Strategy-Proofness
  • Judgement Aggregation


title type semester place
Prüfung (PR) SS 2021
Prüfung (PR) SS 2021
SS 2020
SS 2020
Vorlesung (V) WS 19/20
Tutorium (Tu) WS 19/20
Vorlesung (V) SS 2019
Exercise SS 2019
Seminar (S) SS 2019


Seminar (S) WS 16/17
Excercise WS 16/17
Lecture WS 16/17
Vorlesung (V) SS 2018
Übung (Ü) SS 2018
Seminar (S) SS 2018
Seminar (S) WS 17/18
Vorlesung (V) SS 2017
Übung (Ü) SS 2017
Seminar (S) WS 16/17
WS 16/17
Vorlesung (V) WS 16/17
Vorlesung (V) SS 2016

Building 20.13, Room 109

Übung (Ü) SS 2016

Publications and Working Paper

Publications and Working Paper
Title Author Published in

M. Müller & C. Puppe

KIT Working Paper Nr. 138, January 2020

Curriculum Vitae

  • 2008 Abitur at the Gymnasium Kenzingen (Germany)
  • from 08/2008 to 07/2009 service at Communauté de Taizé (France)
  • from 10/2009 to 09/2012 Bachelor of Science Mathematics at the KIT (Bachelor's thesis: "Ein Vergleichsprinzip für nichtlineare parabolische Differentialungleichungen und Anwendung“, advisor: Pof. Dr. Wolfgang Reichel)
  • from 10/2012 to 09/2015 Master of Science Business Mathematics at the KIT (Master's thesis: "On the Equivalence of Maskin Monotonicity and Strategy-Proofness“, advisor: Prof. Dr. Clemens Puppe, SEW-Eurodrive-Foundation Graduate Award 2015)
  • since 10/2015 Research Assistant at the Chair of Economic Theory