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Prof. Dr. Clemens Puppe

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Welcome to the Chair of Economic Theory

PhD Position Available

One PhD position (f/m/d) in the Interdisciplinary DFG Research Training Group (Graduiertenkolleg) 2739/1

on Information Systems, Psychology, Computer Science, Management, Economics

"KD2School: Designing Adaptive Systems for Economic Decisions”.

More information available here.

Oliver Smithies Lecturer and Visiting Fellowship at Balliol College of Oxford University

Professor Puppe has been offered the „Oliver Smithies Lecturer and Visiting Fellowship“ at Balliol College of Oxford University in the academic year 2020/21.

GDPLive Inventor visiting KIT

Prof. Dr. Christoph Schumacher is visiting the Chair of Economic Theory at the Institue of Economics (ECON) until november 2020. Since 2003, Christoph is Profesor of Innovation and Economics at Massey University in Auckland, New Zealand and Director of the Knowledge Exchange Hub since 2008. For several years Christoph is working with applications of AI in Economics.In December 2018 he published GDPLive, the worlds first real-time GDP Indicator ( You can reach Christoph at

Mini Online Workshop on Social Choice Theory

It is our great pleasure to announce the Mini Online Workshop on Social Choice Theory: „Strategy-proofness and beyond“ on Friday, Nov 20th, 2020 at 14:00 - 17:00. The speakers are Zoi Terzopoulou, Ulle Endriss (both University of Amsterdam) and Michael Müller (KIT).

New working paper: "Resource Allocation by Frugal Majority Rule"

The working paper "Resource Allocation by Frugal Majority Rule" by Klaus Nehring and Clemens Puppe has been published in the KIT Working Paper Series In Economics. An interactive tool to calculate the Frugal Majority Set can be found here.

Interview about the Brexit

Professor Puppe gave an interview about the Brexit decision for Campus Report. The interview can be found here.

Reference letters

Unfortunately, Prof. Puppe will not be able to provide detailed reference letters until further notice. For a simple reference letter please contact our secretary with your current CV and the Certificate of Courses and Grades. More information can be found here.

IRF Quarterly Academic Review

A summary of the article „The Currency of Reciprocity“ by S. Kube, M. Marechal and C. Puppe (American Economic Review, 2012) recently appeared in the summer 2018 issue of the „IRF Quarterly Academic Review“.



Exchange Program with New Economic School

The chair of Economic Theory offers an Exchange Program with New Economic School in Moscow for two students per semester. Information can be found here. If you are interested please contact Prof. Dr. Puppe.

Etienne-Laspeyres-Price for Dr. Veronica Bauer

Dr. Veronica Bauer is awarded the Etienne-Laspeyres-Price in Economics for her dissertation "Single-Peaked Preferences - Extensions, Empirics and Experimental Results". The whole team congratulates Veronica on this award!

SEW-Eurodrive-Foundation Graduate Award

Michael Müller received the SEW-Eurodrive-Foundation Graduate Award for his master's thesis "On the Equivalence of Maskin Monotonicity and Strategy-Proofness".



Publikation The Single-Peaked Domain Revisited

The article "The Single-Peaked Domain Revisited: A Simple Global Characterization" was published in the Journal of Economic Theory.

Publikation European Economic Review

The article On Discounting and Voting in a Simple Growth Model written by K. Borissov, M. Pakhnin and C. Puppe was published at Journal European Economic Review.

Publication Mathematics and Methodology for Economics

Prof. Wolfgang Eichhorn, the former chair of Economic Theory, has published his textbook "Mathematics and Methodology for Economics. Applications, Problems and Solutions." at Springer Verlag HD, NY.

Publication Axiomatic Models

The article "Axiomatic Models of Rational Behavior and Interpretations" written by Prof. Dr. Fuchs-Seliger was published at Journal Homo Oeconomicus.

Publication Unanimity Overruled

Shortly, the article "Unanimity overruled: Majority voting and the burden of history" written by K. Nehring, M. Pivato and C. Puppe will be published at Journal of Theoretical Politics. An online-version is already available.

Publication Economic Functions

The article "Numerical representability of preferences by economic functions" written by Prof. Dr. Fuchs-Seliger was published at Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications (Volume 424, Issue 2).

Publication Axiomatic Districting

The article "Axiomatic Districting" written by A. Tasnádi and C. Puppe was published at Social Choice & Welfare.

Publication Condorcet Set

The article "The Condorcet Set: Majority Voting over Interconnected Propositions" written by K. Nehring, M. Pivato and C. Puppe was published at Journal of Economic Theory.

Book review: "Mathematical Theory of Democracy"

You will find a book review of Prof. Tangian’s new book "Mathematical Theory of Democracy" here.

Topics in Welfare Economics

In September 2015, Professor Puppe held a course on "Topics in Welfare Economics" at the European University in St. Petersburg.

European University

Choosing how to vote: the mathematics of elections

Professor Puppe held this lecture during his stay at the Centre for Mathematical Social Sience, University of Auckland, New Zealand in Sping 2013.

Article "Wählen, aber wie?"

In the student run magazine: "Karlsruher Transfer" the article "Wählen, aber wie? Eine kleine Reise durch die Geschichte der Social Choice Theorie" by Prof. Puppe was published.


In the entrepreneurship magazine impulse the published article "Geschenke und Lob - Wie Sie Mitarbeiter richtig motivieren", references the article "The Currency of Reciprocity" by Sebastian Kube, Michel Maréchal and Clemens Puppe.

Slate Magazine / Havard Business Review

An article about the field experiments at the Chair of Prof. Puppe was published in the Slate Magazine / Harvard Buisness Review. It can be found here.