Claudio Kretz

M.Sc. Claudio Kretz

  • Institut für Volkswirtschaftslehre (ECON)
    Lehrstuhl für Wirtschaftstheorie

    Gebäude 09.21, 3. OG

    Blücherstraße 17

    D-76185 Karlsruhe


I am particularly interested in modelling rights in collective decision making, epistemic approaches to Judgment Aggregation as well as the integration of psychological and behavioral insights into axiomatic decision theory. Beyond that, I am intrigued by questions of how introducing collateral constraints to models in financial economics can produce new insights.


Work in Progress

  • Planning to Self-Control
  • Should You Ask For Reasons or Results? An Epistemic Analysis of Premise vs. Conclusion Based Judgment Aggregation with Correlated Voters.

Curriculum Vitae

2019-heute    Phd candidate, Research & Teaching Assistant, KIT

2016-2019     Phd-Programm (Economics), University of Mannheim and Yale University

2017                Master of Science (Economics), University of Mannheim

2015                Bachelor of Science (Industrial Engineering & Management), KIT

2010-2011     Community Volunteer, Southampton

2010                Abitur, Gymnasium Ettenheim

Exemplary Thesis Topics

  • Sen's Liberal Paradox. Extensions and Restrictions: a literature review.
  • Modelling rights in game forms.
  • Qualitative Epistemic Democracy: Writing a Program to numerically compare the premise-based and the conclusion-based approach.