Foreign Recognition

You are planning on spending a semester abroad and looking for courses to counts towards your KIT curriculum? Please see here for detailed information on the whole process (in German).

We are the right people to get in touch with if the course under consideration replaces a course from your KIT curriculum at our chair (for which Prof. Puppe is the examiner) or if the course is to be recognized as “Spezialvorlesung” or with its original title within one of the KIT modules supervised by Prof. Puppe. Please note that recognition will only be considered if there is a great overlap in terms of both content and methodology with the respective KIT course/module.

To inquire about a recognition pre-agreement (“Vorabvereinbarung”), please send the pre-agreement form, a detailed syllabus of the course (a detailed description/list of its contents) as well as a link to/screenshot of the official course description (showing at the least undergraduate/graduate level, ECTS credit etc.) via email to∂ Upon return, please hand in your signed pre-agreement, the filled-out recognition form as well as an official Transcript of Records.